Genaro Bonavita

Frontend Developer

I create solutions and solve problems through clean and maintainable code

About me

I am a passionate Frontend Developer who loves creating rich, satisfying user experiences.

I put particular focus on the details that make the user experience incredible. Things like performance, accessibility, and responsive design are my strong point.

Currently, I'm working at Squid, where we are building the future of one-click, cross-chain experiences.

Fun fact: I like taking photos.


  • Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Mentoring trainee talent
  • UI design and development with design patterns and best practices
Key accomplishments
  • Finished two projects for two clients, helping them reach more people.
  • Helped increase my teammates' knowledge and skills through pair programming sessions.
  • Improved my team’s efficiency by reducing meeting time from 45min to 20min, by planning ahead and delegating tasks.

CloudCreate hackathon 2nd place winner 🥈

The CloudCreate hackathon, presented by Miguel Ángel Durán, was a competition where participants had to build a product from scratch using Cloudinary services.

Clippitt is a tool that helps you to share Twitch clips in other platforms whose video format is vertical, like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube Shorts. It was awarded second best project in the competition and posted on Cloudinary's blog.

You can try it at or visit the repo on GitHub.

Also, check out the article about Clippitt in Cloudinary Community Spotlight.

My projects


An open-source platform to share UI components using TailwindCSS.

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Convert a Twitch clip into a video for YouTube Shorts, TikTok, and Instagram reels.

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My personal blog, where I share my knowledge writing posts about web development.

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Animated Weather

Create a video of the weather status anywhere in the world.

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Quick Papper

Generate blog drafts from just a title. Summarize, extend or regenerate each paragraph and then export it in HTML, Markdown or plain text.

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Want to see more? Check out my GitHub profile

My Skills

Tech stack

  • html icon html
  • css icon css
  • javascript icon javascript
  • typescript icon typescript
  • react icon react
  • mongodb icon mongodb
  • node icon node
  • git icon git
  • nextjs icon nextjs
  • bootstrap icon bootstrap
  • tailwind icon tailwind
  • astro icon astro
  • testing-library icon testing-library
  • jest icon jest
  • vitest icon vitest

Soft Skills

Growth mindset

I am always looking to innovate and grow as a person and professional

Never stop learning

I believe that learning is for life. I love learning from everyone about everything

Quick adaptation to change

Change is a good opportunity to see things in perspective and even change your approach

Curious and creative

I like even break something to learn how does it work (don't worry, always in a separated branch)

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